Friday, January 4, 2008

Secret 10

SW1110) Ah Mei Cotton One Piece S$19.90 (From Taiwan)
Cotton Colors: White, Black, Blue
Free Size

SW1109) Fake 2 piece Cardigan with hook S$24.90 (From Taiwan)
Colors: Pink
Free Size

SW1108) 2 piece wool S$24.90 (From Taiwan)
Colors: Grey, Red
Free Size

SW1107) Long Sleeve T-shirt S$18.90 (From Taiwan)
Colors: White, Pink
Free Size

SW1106) Knitted One Piece / Upwear (No Belt Included) S$26.90
Colors: Black, Grey
Free Size (Chest 84-88CM Long 78CM Sleeve Long 58CM)

SW1105) Waverly (2-Piece) S$36.90
85% Cotton+15% Wool
Colors: Yellow-Pink, Red-White, Purple-Blue, Black-white
Free Size
(Inner Blouse: Chest 80CM-84CM Long 51CM Sleeve Long 55CM)
(Outer Piece: Chest 80-84CM Long 80CM)

SW1104) Wooly Casual S$24.90
20% Wool
Color: Grey
Free Size (Chest80-84CM Long80CM)

SW1103) Silky Capped Dress S$38.90
High Class Sky-silk
Colors: Black, White
Sizes: M/L/XL
M: Chest 88cm Waist 72cm Skirt Long 95cm
L: Chest 92cm Waist 76cm Skirt Long 96cm
XL: Chest 96cm Waist 80cm Skirt Long 97cm

SE1102) Silky Black S$36.90
Satin Silk Material + Lining
Sizes: M/L/XL
M Size: Chest 84cm Waist 70cm Long 85cm
L Size: Chest 90cm Waist 76cm Long 87cm
XL Size: Chest 96cm Waist 80cm Long 88cm

SW1101) Silky Sexy S$36.90
Satin Silk Material + Lining
Color: refer to the photo taken from the real object
Sizes: M/L/XL
M Size: Chest 84cm Waist 72cm Long 85cm
L Size: Chest 90cm Waist 76cm Long 86cm
XL Size: Chest 95cm Waist 80cm Long 87cm

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Secret 9

SW1005) Butterfly Knot Top S$23.90

(Fake 2-piece)

Woolen Lycra
Colors: Black, White

Free Size:Length 67CM, Shoulder Width 35CM, Chest 88CM, Waist 76CM, Sleeve Length 56CM

SW1004) Gold Chainie Top S$23.90

(Fake 2-piece)

Lycra Cotton
Colors: Grey, Purple

Free Size:Length 60 CM, Shoulder Width 40CM, Chest 88CM, Waist 78CM, Sleeve Length 59CM

SW1003) Woolen Fluff Dress S$25.90
(Scarf Include)

Woolen Fluff

Colors: White, Apricot, Black

Free Size (Chest 80-84CM, Length 77CM, Sleeve Length 55CM)

SW1002) Cotton Square Dress S$24.90

Free Size (Chest 80-84CM, Length 80CM)

SW1001) Furley S$29.90

Colors: Black, Blue, Purple

Free Size (Chest 80-86CM, Length 81CM)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Secret 8

SW915) Spiral top $22.90
Colors: Black , Grey
Free Size: Hip79CM Long84CM (Length of strap not included)

SW914) Shinny Wrinkles $24.90
Colors: Black , Grey
Free Size: Chest66CM Waist64CM Long70CM

SW913) White Pale-gray $22.90
Colors: White, Grey
Free Size: Chest:84CM Waist71CM Long:81CM

SW912) V-Top S$19.90
Colors: White, Black
Free Size (Chest 84-100 CM Length 58CM Sleeve Length 58CM )

SW911) Concise Dress S$23.90
Cotton Colors: Black, Purple
Sizes: S/M
S (Chest 84CM Length 91CM Sleeve Length 36CM)
M (Chest 88CM Length 91CM Sleeve Length 36CM)

SW910) Hattie Top S$20.90
Colors: Black, Grey, White
Free Size (Chest 80-84CM Length 73CM Sleeve Length 55CM)

SW909) Pixie S$29.90
(Three-piece Suit: long sleeves top, sleeveles overall + scraft)
Colors: Blue, Suntan
Free Size (Chest 80-84CM Length 49CM Sleeve Length 58CM Skirt Length 76CM)

SW908) Patterned Top S$19.90
Blended Fabric
Colors: Deep-blue, Pale-blue, Green
Free Size (Chest 80-86CM Length 73CM Sleeve Length 58CM)

SW907) Sexy Yellow S$19.90 High Class Imitated Silk Satin
Sizes: M/L/XL
M: Chest 78cm Waist 64cm Length 64cm
L: Chest 85cm Waist 68cm Length 65cm
XL: Chest 90cm Waist 73cm Length 66cm

SW906) X-Back 2 Piece S$25.90
Free Size
(Shirt: Chest 80-84CM Length 48CM Sleeve Length 56CM)
(Skirt: Chest 80-84CM Length 76CM)

SW905) Cotton Wool Skirt S$23.90
Free Size(Waist 66CM Length 50CM)

SW904) Color Interval Top S$19.90
Colors: Black, White
Free Size (Chest 80-84CM Length 79CM Sleeve Length 58CM)

SW903) Flower Printed Skirt S$23.90
Material:Sky-silk Cotton
Colors: Black Only
Sizes: M/L
M: Waist 70CM Length 50CM
L: Waist 72CM Length 50CM

SW902) Back Tied Top S$25.90
High Class Japan Silky Cotton
Colors: Black Gray /white
Sizes: M/L/XL
M: Chest 85cm Waist 80cm Length 80cm
L: Chest 88cm Waist 83cm Length 80cm
XL: Chest 92cm Waist 86cm Length 80cm

SW901) Polyester-cotton Flower-collar Shirt S$20.90
Free Size(Chest 80-84CM Length 64CM Sleeve Length 44CM)